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CPEC & Gwadar
at a Glance

Gwadar has climbed up to new heights now with the launching of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The CPEC reduces China’s route from the Indian Ocean to 3,000km across Pakistani territory from the Gwadar Port and avoids the Straits altogether. It facilities trade by road and rail, while at the same time boosting oil and gas pipelines through infrastructure enhancement. Gwadar has a 200,000 ton tanker capacity, which present unmatched opportunities for boosting global economic interactivity within Pakistan. Located strategically at the mouth of the Corridor, yet at the confluence of most of the world’s oil-producing states, Gwadar automatically becomes one of the larger transshipment ports.

It is envisaged to have an international airport, crude oil refineries and the ability to dock larger ships, turning it into a robust trade and transportation hub.

Gwadar because of its deep seaport will undoubtedly retain the future economic prosperity of Pakistan in a prominent role. With an investment of 46 billion U.S Dollars and scores of infrastructure projects, the ongoing construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is undoubtedly one of the largest endeavors now taking place on the planet that will transform the future for all the countries involved.

CPEC, which includes Roads, Energy Projects, Industrial Parks and the Gwadar Port, will satisfy Pakistan’s immediate needs as well as helping the country get back on its feet. Near future plans for the port area includes the construction of a Free Trade Zone, a Special Economic Zone, a Coastal Expressway, an International Airport and a Pipeline linking Iran.

All in all, the CPEC caries vital strategic and financial benefit for the whole Pakistan. Under this project, China and Pakistan will be working together for enhancing political mutual trust, expanding economic and trade cooperation and deepening cultural and educational exchanges.

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